Love: The Warrior Woman’s Achilles Hill

Be Yourself! They say.

Everyone abroad is taken so apprentice to just be yourself. They say.

You can’t reside afterwards love, so you accord adulation a chance.

They anticipate you are beautiful, strong, powerful, anecdotic with light, abounding authentic divinity, ambitious, in control of a affluent and abounding mindset as able-bodied as a attractive spirit.

At first, They Adulation it, They abatement in adulation with you.

They coursing you for weeks, months until you accede to acquiesce them into your a lot of angelic space, your heart.

Then, afterwards the coursing is over and you become “theirs” the moment you say “I adulation you”: they alpha assuming you their accurate blush and metamorphose into “Satan’ s a lot of affectionate disciple.”

Shocked, you don’t accept what is accident to them but you mostly do not accept what is accident to you.

You lose yourself into the accord and lose your identity, affliction your Self Confidence, your Sense of Self account and admiration how You, of all people, fell into such a trap.

You are now in love, he knows it and makes it a bold to dispense you, use you and “make you feel” beneath than who you are at times.

No added fun and big-ticket dates,

No added gifts,

No added allurement you to accord them a chance,

No added absorption unless they still wish something from you.

At this point, the bolter becomes the hunter and you are already invested and wish to accomplish it work, but it doesn’t.

You ache in silence.

You cry your eyes out every day.

You accusation yourself for falling into the allurement of adulation and feel like you fell into the abysmal able-bodied of despair.

You just accept no backbone to get out of it or even cry for help.

The warrior in you is abeyant and is not answering the alarm of action for freedom, self-respect, accurate self-love. You are absent into the atmosphere of changing questions.

So you try to amuse him, to “make him” happy, you serve him absolutely and become his “pet” per se.

He has won.

He has succeeded.

He molded you into the animal he capital you to be and the “YOU” that existed afore is boilerplate to be found. You authority on to the accord for love, kids, banking reasons, despair, because you accept boilerplate to go and no one to about-face to.

What is the Solution?

Tough one.

Run. Yes RUN!

Gather the endure pieces of FREE WILL you accept aural yourself and Run for Your Life.

Appeal to the all-powerful to acquisition it aural you to just Run afterwards searching back; beeline into the alien which is alarming but necessary.

Once you are abroad and feel a bit safe, focus on award Yourself again.

Once you do, abatement all over in adulation with Yourself, achieve your independence, your freedom, your confidence, your adorableness and acceleration up.

Rise up and acclaim yourself because you accept freed yourself from the grips of “hell”.

Rise up and absolve yourself.

Forgive him.

Rise up and accord yourself addition adventitious to adulation like you accept never been aching if the time is appropriate for you.

In the meantime, accumulate admiring yourself, focus on adorning and alleviative yourself like the accurate queen you are.

I adulation you.

Queen Marième Faye